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KONCEPT /ˈkɒnsɛpt/:  An idea. A plan. An intention.

An idea.
“Offering a tailored training experience incorporating the Pilates Reformer to help Women improve Strength & Mobility safely”

Rewind 10 years and you can see me quite often single parenting while my husband traveled with work. Weighing 99.8kg after the birth of my third 4.5kg boy and having to deal with severe abdominal separation I struggled to find personalised support or interesting flexible options to help me strengthen core muscles effectively, regain fitness and keep me accountable losing weight.

A plan.
“Helping Women of all abilities kickstart their Fitness, accelerate Rehab or rebuild postpartum - Our support, time & equipment exclusively yours”

Unhappy with how my body looked, felt and moved - it was time to change my lifestyle, learn more about the fitness I already loved, tweak meals to accommodate fat-loss and tackle goals my way..

A new Koncept in the making.

Settled into our beautiful green property in Camp Mountain, 30kgs lighter, armed with a vision, quality equipment and a lot more knowledge, I can now safely make my experience work for you.

It is amazing to see how workouts in a peaceful, non-intimidating rainforest setting do not only improve Health and Fitness, but also strengthen confidence, resilience and a positive outlook on life.

An intention.

“Empowering Women to reconnect with their bodies and recharge through diverse uplifting sessions in a tranquil environment"

Many women approach me because they feel the need to move better and get stronger in order to reduce pain and prevent injuries. I also offer to keep workouts flexible around other commitments AND have fun achieving all this ;-)
In my opinion varied balanced workouts are key. After all.. who likes to do the same things all the time? Life is too precious to copy exercises demonstrated by a stranger on TV!

​We got you covered.

​The innovative style of programming that I have developed fuse important building blocks from traditional personal training with primal movements, Kettlebell flows and Reformer Pilates to keep body and mind challenged in a relaxed studio setting.
​I enjoy preparing every session thoroughly and love working with clients one-on-one or in small groups, taking the time to understand limitations, improve form and collaborate with other health professionals to ensure sessions accelerate progress.

Currently I am dividing my time between training sessions from home, raising three unstoppable boys and instructing Reformer Pilates classes at Active Life in Everton Hills.

Get in touch for a chat or a complimentary trial and we’ll make my Koncept work for you.

xx Sandra

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Strength &


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Sandra is great! I started 1 on 1 Pilates with Sandra shortly after giving birth. She is really encouraging and knowledgeable. These sessions gave me so much confidence in returning to exercise whilst feeling supported and safely challenged. Sandra has been happy for both of my girls to come along with me allowing me to work towards my strength and fitness goals whilst juggling the extra addition to our family. The studio is so clean and well equipped. Every session with Sandra is a great workout and her lovely, outgoing nature makes the session so nice as it feels like I am catching up with a friend at the same time.

Laura H.

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Sandra’s classes are so well -planned and thought out while her energy and personality brings fun and variety to each workout. She has helped so much in getting me moving again and becoming more confident about what my body can do. Love coming here!

Karin R.

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Sandra is absolutely amazing and is one of a kind. She has helped me build confidence, practice good body awareness, correct form and to do exercises I never thought I would be able to achieve. She puts so much effort into designing each of your sessions and is so knowledgeable and willing to switch things up if something doesn’t feel quite right or if you want help with your diet. She is exactly the right balance between a personal trainer and a friend you can’t wait to see again and again, I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Sumer S.